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AIDE2013 For Visual Studio

The original and Genuine PowerTools for Cloud Business and LightSwitch. Our latest release also compatible with Visual Studio 2013 Cloud Business Apps.

Transfer screens and code-behind from ALL previous versions of LightSwitch with Exchange Hub making upgrades of applications to the latest releases possible.

RRP $295*
Advanced HTML Templates

Our pack of advanced templates brings larger form factors to your Apps making them perfect for mobile, tablet and desktop. Try the multi-tabbed screen layouts,dynamic auto menu's and enhanced List Detail designs with grids, tabs and independent scrollable lists. Everything you need to create advanced HTML Client Cloud Business Apps.

templates templates
RRP $130*
templates HTML Theme Pack

Our choice of over 20 expertly designed and professionally styled HTML Client Themes. Try them with both our new html template pack and standard Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 HTML Client Templates.

RRP $50*
Silverlight Theme Packs

We've bundled over 20 of our beautifully designed Silverlight Themes with AIDE which includes Office, Chocolate and Emerald Packs!

RRP $120*
   BUNDLE PRICE = $395.00
*prices exclude tax.